Why I'm Starting a Blog in 2021!

“That’s so 2009." A blog sounds outdated.

I get it there’s Tik Tok, Instagram, now this new Clubhouse app... and what happened to Snapchat? That little voice, <my true self> says, go old school. Keep it simple.

Since I was 7, I've meticulously kept hand written journals and for years I promised myself that one day I would start a personal blog. Journals have served as the honest space where I can reflect on life, draw, problem solve, and make discoveries. Most importantly, what I write or draw is connected to what I'm creating on the piano or listening to.

Evidence: My stack of handwritten journals await to see light.

Music really has a grip on me. There are certain songs I know to play or listen to- almost for every mood, every circumstance.

I get it, Spotify has a nice grid with playlists of moods and scenes.

What I’m talking about, is deep mindful listening allowing deep feelings to emerge, and somehow pass along, leaving me in a renewed state. I’m enamored by the mystery music always leads me through whether I’m creating a new piano piece or listening to one.

This is why I'm starting a blog in 2021. To have a designated space, out here in the internet, to share music that makes me feel inspired, consoled, understood, curious, educated, or simply entertained.

There is a story behind every melody I make and I want to share it with you. Even the tough moments, I’ll somehow find the courage to post the videos where I am tearful or elated (those moments usually lead to THE BEST musical discoveries).

For weeks and months I’ve been meaning to write this down. And here I am, after cleaning my apartment, in the middle of the night, answering the call from the heavens above to start.

Thank you for joining me on this new adventure.



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