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Music is a guide through 
the beautiful and fragile parts 
of life.​

My grandfather purchased an old upright piano for me at the age of 6, in hopes I would have the opportunity he never had... play the piano. 

At first, I absolutely despised sitting on a piano bench, practicing the same notes over and over again. My grandparents and friends were excited by the tunes I could play, but sitting at the piano required too much practice, according to me.

It was at the cusp of my teenage years when I was watching my brother's piano teacher play Pachelbel's Canon in D. It was that day, I embarked on a mission to play that piece like her.

I fell in love with the pursuit of playing piano pieces to express delicate feelings in such a gracious way, without saying a word.

Since I often felt that I was a misfit, music became my remedy for whatever I was experiencing. 

I went on to compete in music festivals, debuted with an orchestra twice at historic theaters, and continued to privately study piano with Walter Ponce, distinguished faculty at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music.


Professor Ponce encouraged me to explore composition after I shared one of my pieces with him.

It was because of his encouragement, I explored, obsessively, despite pursuing a degree in a different field, Economics and Public Health.

The solo piano music I create comes from a sacred place in my heart, a pure one, seeking resolve from the misunderstandings in this life we live. It's the type of music you listen to when you need a hug or fuzzy blanket after a long day of work.


Regarding my career, I worked several jobs until I created a position for myself. 

I used my business background and passion for music to imagine, raising funding, and implement, the Mindful Music Program, the marriage between the music and health care industry. For over half a decade, I was on the forefront of selecting talent and producing music wellness programming for healthcare workforce, scientists, and trainees across UCLA Health. I spoke about the concept at conferences such as TedX UCLA and the International Arts & Health Conference in England. 

After getting a million "Who do you think you are?" statements about my vision for Mindful Music, it was rewarding to see the positive impact it had for thousands of delightful fans from such a large organization (7th largest employer in the State of California). I came to realize I brought the program to a place it can exist and thrive without me as leader.

Currently, I've taken all the skills as a leader of an organization and an expressive musical artist music requires of me and apply it every day as a content producer at an e-learning start up. At Madecraft, I produce learning content for the biggest names in tech reaching audiences globally. The same skills required to compose a piece of music or perform on stage, is applicable in working with subject matter experts, editing scripts (I admit writing is equally as satisfying as composing), and patiently strategizing the best way to teach content.


My music lives on. I hope to help listeners out there, feel understood and comforted through the music I produce and discover.

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